Plane Drops 70 Tons of Water on Bystanders

If there’s one thing about a fire that is relatively scary, if the properties ...

If there’s one thing about a fire that is relatively scary, if the properties don’t get you going enough to have you worried if one breaks out in your neck of the woods, it’s quite terrifying how fast they can spread and how difficult they can be to put out. It might seem that, when a fire breaks out, all you have to do is dump some water on it and all will be okay, however, to the contrary, things tend to be a little bit more complicated than that, especially when the fire begins to spread like this one does. In some situations, these fires have been heard of burning for up to a year and sometimes more. This is when some of the big guns are required to extinguish the blaze.

This time, we join in with a situation where a couple of people just so happened to get caught in the crossfire when one of those so-called big guns were broken out the try to help fight Chilean forest fires as they continued to spread. In fact, the help was coming from the air as a global supertanker went up in the sky with 72.6 tons of water to disperse over the blaze with the aim of suppressing the blaze to an end, however, as the plane dropped its load, there would end up being people standing underneath that would feel the collision.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see the scene as the massive load of water is simply dropped on the ire with hopes that it will go out soon. From what we’re hearing, reports are saying that nobody was hurt but obviously the people might’ve gotten a little bit wet. This scene that you see as all of that water falls from the sky is pretty amazing, to say the least. It almost appears as if something that resembles a brief hurricane breaks out for a moment.

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