Plane Goes into Downward Spiral in Training Exercise, Footage Caught in Cabin

When flying a plane, it’s definitely not a venture that is as simple as driving ...

When flying a plane, it’s definitely not a venture that is as simple as driving a car. With far more controls and much more responsibility, there’s a little bit more extensive training that needs to be done in order to make sure that somebody is fit to be a pilot. Not just anybody can head up there in the sky and rip around in a plane as easy as some may make it look. Sometimes, these tests do end up getting a little bit unnerving and this time, we get to see exactly what it’s like on board with one of the most gut dropping feelings that we think you’re going to ever come across.

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The idea of this particular drill is that if the plane loses power and begins to go into a spiral, that you should probably have an idea of how to pull it out of such a spiral. With this task, it seems to be a¬†little bit controversial with some instructors thinking that it needs to be done and others thinking that should be omitted, however, I guess that’s neither here nor there because this training session involves what is known as spin training that gives us the opportunity to ride along in the cabin to see exactly what that falling feeling is like.

This one all starts at around 8000 feet above the ground and before we know it, the plane is going down. In a span of no more than 30 seconds or so, the plane loses about 3500 feet in altitude and drops to about 5500 feet above the ground before the pilot is able to expertly grab the controls and make sure the spiral doesn’t go any further. If it wasn’t sketchy enough to begin with, we would have to say that this endeavor would have gotten incredibly scary if the craft fell any farther toward the ground.

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