Police Involved as Ford Expedition Recovered From 40-Feet Underwater

Under the surface of the water, various real-life treasures are lurking all over the ...

Under the surface of the water, various real-life treasures are lurking all over the world. Every piece of treasure has a different story behind it. However, the one thing that they have all have in common is that they have been left behind for years. Sometimes the items retain more value than others. We’re pretty sure that most rusty old cars sitting at the bottom of a lake aren’t exactly going to be worth all that much. However, the story behind some of these can definitely get pretty interesting.

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This time, we follow along with theĀ Adventures with Purpose YouTube channel. For those who have tuned in before, they know that these guys are pretty much professionals when it comes to retrieving just about anything on the floor of the body of water of your choosing. This time, the vehicle waiting for them is not other than a Ford Expedition. The SUV could prove to be an especially challenging recovery as the massive vehicle isn’t doing any favors on the weight side of things. However, where there’s a will there’s a way.

By following along with the video below, we get a first-row seat to watch the recovery in action. As we’ve come to expect with these recoveries, the SUV eventually makes its way out of the water at a boat ramp. Waiting on the vehicle, we find the local police department who is ready to do their part. After finding a vehicle like this, it could raise some eyebrows as a potential piece of evidence. After all, we don’t know if this vehicle was stolen or abandoned after committing a crime. The possible stories are basically endless.

With this particular recovery, it would appear as if identifying marks were slightly difficult to come by. However, these guys did their part in removing waste from the environment. What do you think the story is behind this Ford that has been laid to rest?

Adventures with Purpose

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