Police Make Felony Arrest on Man Allegedly Hanging Fake Towing Signs, Giving Fines

Sometimes, you really can’t help but take a look at what some folks do and try ...

Sometimes, you really can’t help but take a look at what some folks do and try to figure out how exactly it is that they manage to sleep at night. If some people would just invest the same effort that they put into doing something morally corrupt in ripping somebody off into something positive and potentially productive, you never know what exactly could happen. With this much effort, it could be the beginning of a beautiful and blooming business that might even go so far as providing jobs and helping the economy but instead, we find ourselves wrapped up in a news report like this that will really make you shake your head.

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Now, if you’ve ever managed to earn yourself a parking ticket or some type of infraction for putting your vehicle in the wrong place, you might be able to somewhat relate to this story, however, the only difference between the story here and the situation where you potentially parked where you shouldn’t have is that the drivers in this one weren’t doing anything wrong. In fact, they were parking where it was completely legal to leave their cars. However, when an opportunistic alleged shady businessman got to thinking, he decided to put together a little bit of a “business plan” and chased down their hard earned money.

Eventually, this individual would be caught onto in a scheme that would have this man allegedly putting parking related signs in places where he wasn’t entitled to, sometimes, even after the people had already parked vehicles, at least according to several of the alleged victims. This effort would end up┬ábeing tracked down by the police and from what this news report says, the process had even gathered $50,000 in fines from one summer of partaking in this activity. As of the time of this recording, the man thought to be behind it all has been arrested on multiple felony charges but there has yet to be a follow-up on the investigation to see if his charges had held up or not.


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