Police Officer Helps Speeding Student Tie His Tie

For most people, when police lights start blaring behind them, all kinds of ...

For most people, when police lights start blaring behind them, all kinds of nervousness comes into focus and the driver starts fearing for the worst, going through all the tickets that they can possibly get in their mind. This time, though, we see a driver who not only got a break but got a little bit of help as well. Allow me to explain.

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It turns out that the student behind the wheel was on his way to give a presentation when the police officer spotted him doing a little bit above the speed limit and decided to pull him over to check out the situation. Already running late, this predicament would provide another hurdle for the student to get over.

When the police officer addressed the driver of the car, he would learn about the fact that the student was running late to the┬ápresentation and on top of it all, he couldn’t find anyone who could help him out with tying his tie – a predicament indeed.

Ride along down below that shows this friendly officer who comes to the rescue here and lets the kid go with a verbal warning after helping him to tie the tie. This just goes to show you that not every police and civilian interaction has to end with a negative consequence.

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