Police Officers Decide Traffic Stop’s Fate on a Coin Flip

There are certain people within our communities around the country who have ...

There are certain people within our communities around the country who have responsibilities that should never sacrifice integrity no matter what. As an officer of the law, you are entrusted by the people around you with being able to uphold justice in the community and do the right thing.

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People turn to you in their time of need and in their  most vulnerable moments and with that trust should come a track record that’s clean and clear of any sort of off-color behavior. However, this world is imperfect and therefore, sometimes, you see some pretty outrageous things happening even when it comes to law enforcement.

In this predicament, we join in for a rather incredible situation that you almost won’t believe until you see the body camera footage that was watching the whole time. After a woman is pulled over on her way to work for speeding, apparently at a pretty high rate of speed, a couple of officers pulled her over. Nothing is wrong with what they’re doing, that is, until they get in the car and chat amongst each other, deciding that they’re going to leave things up to a coin flip as to if this young lady gets arrested or let go, basically leaving all of that integrity and justice in the hands of pure chance.

The video below will take you to the scene of the incident as it seems to be all fun and games for these officers who really don’t seem to be taking her jobs serious enough. Both of the officers have since turned over their guns and badges and are waiting for further review. There’s no telling how many other situations they’ve left up to the flip of a coin, pretty much laughing off what is an incredibly serious and potentially traumatizing situation for someone else.

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