Police Say They Have Busted Hurricane Irma Looters Stealing Utility Pole!

It’s said that terrible situations like natural disasters bring out both the best and ...

It’s said that terrible situations like natural disasters bring out both the best and worst in people, and we think we might have found the worst of the worst in Florida following Hurricane Irma, which blitzed the state from top to bottom last weekend and earlier this week.

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With almost every citizen in the entire state being without power due to the torrential rains and high winds, the last thing anybody needs to be dealing with is thieves and looters. However, that is exactly what the authorities are dealing with, but some of them are literally so stupid, they’d be better of just driving on down to the station and handcuffing themselves to the first officer they see.

These guys, obviously seeing some kind of huge payoff, strapped a fallen utility pole to the top of their small SUV. The pole, which looks to be at least 30 to 40 feet in length, extended well beyond the front and rear of the SUV, posing a hazard to everybody on the road around the would-be thieves. What they planned on doing with the pole, as we can’t imagine it being of value to anybody but the utility company, and even to them it was likely worthless after being broken in the hurricane.

Were they going to try to resell it? Maybe they thought there would be some value at a pawn shop or scrap yard? It’s really hard to say what the two men were thinking, but we are certainly glad the police stopped them before they managed to hurt or kill somebody with the pole. Based on what we know so far, it seems unlikely these guys did a great job of strapping this thing to their SUV, so anybody around them on the road could have easily been killed if they’d had to brake or swerve suddenly. And to be honest, the pole could have just fallen without warning, leaving other motorists and bystanders in harms way.

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