Porsche Designed Superyacht Will Make You Want to Move in ASAP

In art and engineering, one interesting facet of each and every project is where ...

In art and engineering, one interesting facet of each and every project is where exactly the inspiration comes from. There is a lot to be said about a well-executed finished product but sometimes, it can be interesting to see where the creator behind the beautiful piece originally concocted their ideas. If there’s a parallel to be drawn in this arena, when it comes to boats, it seems like there have been a ton of examples where a little bit of creative insight has been borrowed from some of our favorite automobiles. This time, the concept finds its way to a superyacht.

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Studio F.A. Porsche design, those responsible for plenty of areas “from products, vehicles and spatial concepts to entire brand strategies,” in their own words, got into a tangle with Dynamiq and, on the other end, beauty would result in the Dynamiq GTT 115.

Via Robb Report, “The GTT 115 is designed to appeal to car lovers and forward-thinking yacht owners who appreciate the advantages of speed, style, and our philosophy of intelligent performance,” says Roland Heiler, the managing director of Studio F.A. Porsche and also the leader of the hybrid yacht team.

From the design queues outside to materials inside and even the colors, one spin around this massive ship will have you thinking “Porsche” every step of the way. The color options on the ship’s exterior are even borrowed from various renditions of the manufacturer’s cars.

When it comes to how the boat gets around, a pair of 1600hp engines makes the massive ship, ranging in length from 150-200 feet, go. When they’re cranking at full throttle, the ship will be able to see a 21 knot top speed with max range 3400 nautical miles. Just in case you’re interested in buying one, a $13,313,600 starting price would be a number to consider.

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