Porsche vs Miata Huck Fest… They Sent It! Gambler 500 Stops By Hoonigan’s Donut Garage.

If you’re having a lazy day that just seems to be dragging along and not really ...

If you’re having a lazy day that just seems to be dragging along and not really going anywhere and you need to take a couple of minutes to break out of that pattern, it would be a good bet that the Daily Transmission from the guys over at Hoonigan is a good way to break out of your funk. It is, after all, only Tuesday and you can’t be carrying that sort of an attitude throughout the week so a little break on something like this will help you to keep on moving through and pushing towards that weekend where you can once again get out there and have a good time like these guys always seem to do.

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In this episode, we catch up with more of that same attitude that we can expect from the crew that always makes their show a blast to watch.

“Sweet 16” The World Record Radial vs The World race. (Click Image below live stream) 

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In this one, we watch a couple of unlikely machines that have been converted to off-road powerhouses as Gambler 500 stops by and we get to check out a Porsche and Mazda Miata that have been designed to be able to take a beating should you decide to direct them off of the beaten path. We could definitely see how these machines would be the facilitators for the time of a lifetime, that’s for sure.

When you follow along below, you’ll be able to join in with all of the craziness that usually comes at you from these episodes. There’s just something so therapeutic about watching these cars get beat on that almost makes you want to do it for yourself and will have you raring and ready for the next episode of Daily Transmission to drop.

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