Power Wheelie Into Dense Fog! Driver Has a Pair!!!

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It’s no secret that weather has played a factor in Duck X Productions’ races over the past 9 years, with everything from hurricanes to tornadoes having direct and indirect impacts on Lights Out and No Mercy. Both the spring and fall races have been plagued with weather problems, but both have also benefitted from beautiful conditions due to it’s location, just north of the Georgia/Florida border.

One problem they’d never had, at least to this extreme, was fog, until the 9th running of Lights Out just a week and a half ago. Conditions were moist all weekend after a week of rain before the race, and the warm temps during the day fell after dark, bringing all of that moisture back down to ground level. It got so bad on Friday night that they had to call the racing a little early because the scoreboard’s weren’t visible from the starting line.

Before things got that bad though, our partner in crime, Hans from Free Life Films caught this insane twin turbo Limited Drag Radial Trans Am driving into a power wheelie at half track, straight into the dense fog that shrouded South Georgia Motorsports Park.

As you can see, the air was thick enough to cut with a knife, but that didn’t stop the driver of this car, Robert Cox, from keeping the loud pedal smashed as his sleek Trans Am launched into the hazy night. Even as the front end came up almost wait high, Cox merely blipped the throttle, killing the boost just long enough to sit the nose of the car back down before powering through the rest of the 1/8th mile to record a solid 4.365 elapsed time.

Keeping your foot on the floor in a car of these caliber when the front end comes up is ballsy enough, but to do it while driving into a fog that looks like it came straight out of a horror movie is downright insane.

Props to Cox for having the fortitude to keep his foot planted, and thanks as always to Hans for the awesome footage!

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