Pro Stock Semi Pulling Truck Arm Bender

Pro Stock Semi Pulling Truck Arm BenderCTS-V or $50,000 in CASH? Are you a gear head? ...

Pro Stock Semi Pulling Truck Arm Bender

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If you’re an environmentalist, we still love you, but you might want to take this time to run away and shield your eyes because this one might hurt your feelings.

In a situation where pulling power is a must, we witness a rig that might be one of the most torque filled machines that we’ve ever come across.

As this Pro Stock Semi Pulling Truck launches off of the line, we question if the frame stays in tact as the truck has been known to twist frames before. Bent frame or not, though, it does its job and does it well as it pulls the load seemingly with ease for a pretty good distance.

Check out the video below as the mean machine makes its mark on the competition and shows off all of those ponies under the hood and sheer torque at the rear axle. What do you think of this animal?

Check out some big rigs barreling down the track below!


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