Pulling a Big Stump With a Little Tractor Using a High Mechanical Advantage Rigging System

I’m speaking directly to my fellow rednecks and anybody else who thinks in the ...

I’m speaking directly to my fellow rednecks and anybody else who thinks in the DIY mindset: watch this video before the next time you have a stump to remove.

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I’ve seen so many folks out there who just wrap a chain around the base of their troublesome stump and hook the other end to their bumper and hope for the best. That is not only stupid, it’s incredibly dangerous. Take a little time and spend a few dollars to put together a system like this, using pulleys and physics to do the hard work instead of yanking the bumper off your truck or snatching the stump out and having it smash your back window. These systems are incredibly simple to set up and use once you get a grasp of how they work.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 9.41.11 AM

If you need proof, this video is it. This man rigs up a series of pulleys and cables and has to do little more than idle his small tractor along to pull this surprisingly big cherry tree root system, doing the job almost effortlessly, and with a great amount of control over the force being used.

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