The Quickest Way to Blow $100,000

Drag racing isn’t cheap. No matter which way we slice it, lining up and ...

Drag racing isn’t cheap. No matter which way we slice it, lining up and competing is going to end up costing a pretty penny. In order to go out there and set the world on fire, we start looking at numbers that most couldn’t afford, even if they were crazy enough to sink their savings into something like this.

In this one, we take a ride along with Justin “Lil Country” Swanstrom as he takes the chance to dig into a new racing machine. Some might know this car as a former Radial vs the World record holder. Others probably recognize the Chevrolet Camaro from doing a little bit of grudge racing. Under the name “Headshot,” we’ve seen JR Gray talking some serious smack and backing it up with this machine.

Long story short, the car has done some racing. It’s also undergone some drastic changes. So, what does a car with such history and proven performance set a buyer back? In this case, it looks like the iconic Chevrolet has managed to reel in six figures. Some say that at $100,000, Swanstrom is even getting a little bit of a bargain.

By following along in the video below, we get to hear a little bit about the car and ride along with the process that set Lil’ Country back 100 grand. There are a lot of ways to spend that kind of money. It’s hard to argue with spending it on going fast, though!

Since the purchase, the car is now referred to as “Aftermath.”

We can expect to see the machine in no time and no prep before long. We’re sure that the strong tradition that the car has lived will be soon to be continued. In the video, we also get a little bit of a guest appearance from JR Gray as he gives us the rundown on one of the baddest small block cars in the world in Jason X.

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