Race Driver Fined $5700 for Posting a Video of Her Nearly Fatal Close Call

If you’ve been around the racing scene at all, you know that this kind of ...

If you’ve been around the racing scene at all, you know that this kind of competition is no stranger to sticky situations and this time, we most certainly have a situation that falls directly into that category but it’s not in a way that you would come to expect. When 16-year-old F4 driver,¬†Sophia Floersch, failed to come to a slow speed when the red flags were flown on the racetrack, presumably because she didn’t see them, she almost got into a deadly accident. Furthermore, the situation would escalate even further when the whole thing was posted her social media account. This story is just too wild to believe.

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What exactly was so bad about the video that she posted on social media that was enough to get this young race car driver fined a cool $5700? Well, you see, after the aforementioned situation where she should have slowed down but failed to, it looks like an emergency vehicle was making its way across the track when the driver nearly clobbered the SUV at an intense speed. As she was still in the throttle a pretty good amount, one would be led to believe that this one would have probably been fatal if it didn’t at least cause a pretty good amount of injury.

Follow along with the video below that had this young lady paying out of the nose. Reports say that she still may be fined for not obeying the red flags that lead to a situation like this. You could definitely see how both sides of the issue would have an argument here.The officials do have the right to be mad when drivers do not cooperate with signals however, on the other side of the argument, maybe they should do a little bit of double checking to make sure that everyone saw the signal before they send auxiliary vehicles out on the track where lives could be put in danger. Which side of this argument would you tend to weigh on?

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