Racing Cigarette Boat Ramps off Another Boat, Crashes Upside Down

It’s certainly a situation that no boater would ever want to get tied up in and ...

It’s certainly a situation that no boater would ever want to get tied up in and nobody would want to see any of their fellow human beings getting tied up in, however, in this particular situation, it looks like the boater in question lost a little bit of visibility and had no choice but to go for a wild ride they would never forget. It appears as if, in this cigarette boat race, one of the machines approached the rear end of another a little bit too quickly, causing it to ramp up off of the lead boat and be launched into the air where it would come down on its lid in a quite aggressive manner.

It would just so happen that a bystander would catch the entire thing on video as the boat flipped over and emergency crews rushed to the scene to do everything they possibly could to help anyone who might have been involved in the incident. There’s no way that you could ever expect something like that to happen but it does appear as if the right folks were in the correct position to respond accordingly, making the most of their available resources to try and avoid all possible injury. When water is thrown into the equation, things get even more complicated but it appears as if they did the best they possibly could.

Follow along in the video below that shows you the entire situation from start to finish as the incredibly unlikely became reality. Not that you should live your life behind a shield but you never know when a situation like this is going to unfold and being prepared for an absolute worst-case scenario is a good way to ensure that the collateral damage is minimized.

We didn’t get any word on the occupants of the boat but we will keep you updated as soon as we hear about their condition.

Posted by Brett Schulman on Friday, November 10, 2017

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