Racing Street Bikes on Beach Ends Terribly Wrong!

For the majority of us, we’ve had some stupid ideas over the years. ...

For the majority of us, we’ve had some stupid ideas over the years. There’s something about gearheads and free time that really spawns some creative situations. Sometimes, these ideas end up going very well. other times, though, perhaps we were better off just sticking with the tried and true. Being bored looks a lot better than suffering some of the outcomes that go with these ideas. With some of these endeavors, the people involved end up getting downright dangerous. the more off of the beaten path the idea, the more likely it is that something is going to go wrong.

For one reason or another, in this one, we catch up a couple of motorcycle riders who simply didn’t care for a paved surface. Instead of taking racing to the track or even the street, they decided to take it to the beach. For those thinking that this sounds like a really bad idea, it is. Surprisingly, it actually didn’t start out all that bad, though. It begins with the racers side-by-side, tearing down the beach. We were a little bit surprised that the surface was able to take the acceleration from the bikes without a problem. However, before long, things would get incredibly sketchy.

It looks like these Daytona inspired riders hadn’t considered one factor. Nobody stopped to think about what would happen if water were to interfere. After all, a quick rolling bike and water probably wouldn’t end very well. Unluckily, for them, just that situation unfolded right in their laps. it would end up with the bikes dumping and the drivers eating a mouthful of sand and seawater. We would venture to think that the motorcycles were totaled as well. I guess that’s just the risk the riders had to take to fill this unlikely need for speed.

sand racing

A sand drag race seemed like a great idea until……

Posted by Calsport on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

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