Rally Car barrels toward crowd!!

Rally Car barrels toward crowd!!pre-entries are now live for sweepstakes 24!Every $5 ...

Rally Car barrels toward crowd!!

pre-entries are now live for sweepstakes 24!
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A Citroen C2 rally car went way off path and went straight for a group of spectators standing on a cement/brick barrier. From what we can see, it looks like everyone escaped without a scratch!

Lets look at the safety behind these cars…

“Motorsport will always come with an element of danger for competitors. It’s unavoidable. But it is possible to incorporate safety system into the cars to reduce the risk of injury – and that’s especially evident in the World Rally Championship.

Car design has had large part to play in reducing the risks to drivers in the WRC, and today’s cars have more safety features built into them than ever before. You only have to look at the spectacular crash videos to see how well a modern day World Rally Car protects its occupants.

Of course there are limits to how much protection a rally car can offer, but nowadays more drivers are able to walk away from accidents which once had the potential to cause death or serious injury.”

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