Ram TRX Throws Down With Ford Raptor in Battle of the Supertrucks

Up until this year, it didn’t really seem like there was all that much ...

Up until this year, it didn’t really seem like there was all that much competition for the Ford Raptor. The folks at Ford could pretty much try out whatever they wanted and know that people who were looking for a rough and rugged off-road performance full-size truck were going to have few if any other options. Unless they would want to go about modifying a vehicle themselves, there just wasn’t too much out there that could quite fall into the same class as the Raptor.

However, as we all know, that would very quickly change as Ram decided they wanted to get in on the action. Sure, up until this point they had the Rebel for off-roading. However, the volume knob got turned to 10 when Ram released the 1500 TRX. We’re not going to recap all that that machine is capable of in but if you want to see it, check out this article to get you a little bit closer.

This time, the folks over The Fast LaneĀ managed to get their hands on one of each of the market’s competitors. As of the time that this video was recorded and this article was written, there is no V8 powered Raptor as far as the latest version goes. However, we are told that Ford plans on creating one with a heart from a GT500 for the upcoming model year or the following year.

Until then, though, the twin turbo V6 is going to be the best comparison that we have to the Ram TRX. Naturally, the V6 is probably going to be a little bit outmatched but it’s still an exercise worth looking at anyway. At the end of the day, we would venture to think that the version of the Raptor with a supercharged V8 isn’t going to be all that much different than what we see here, obviously, aside from what’s under the hood.

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