Awkward Police Encounter! Rapper, Offset, Issued Multiple Tickets For Speeding.

Just like you and I, the most famous among us are required to abide by the rules of ...

Just like you and I, the most famous among us are required to abide by the rules of the road. Even when rolling down the road in a bright Rolls-Royce, the speed limit is the speed limit.

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If we ask the police officer who pulled over the rapper, Offset, said officer would attest that Offset wasn’t obeying these rules. The confrontation that followed would be just a little bit awkward. In fact, it seems as if perhaps Offset was perturbed by the entire ordeal. In fact, he seemed to take every opportunity to try and get out of the predicament.

The entire ordeal begins with Offset asking the police officer what was wrong, a very appropriate reaction. When the officer returns with a pamphlet full of tickets, this is where the encounter begins to get uncomfortable. Physically annoyed by the officer’s take on the matter, Offset asks the officer how old he is after being told he’s getting cited. Even after the passive insult hurled by the rapper, the officer keeps his cool.

When being cited for speeding and illegal lane change, the officer tells the driver that he will be let off with a warning for an illegal license plate frame. Offset seems to take issue to the warning over the plate frame. Perhaps someone should step in and tell him that the warning isn’t a fine and doesn’t hold any negative consequences. If we were to be let off with a warning, we would probably be happier to not have to pay the fine!

The situation really can’t help but spiral from there. From there, seemingly confused about the citation, Offset continues to ask the officer is he’s “mad about his car.”

Just as things were coming to a close, there were a few final blows Offset wanted to get in. He seals the encounter as he delivers, and we quote, “Stop picking on black folks.”

This is where the parties go their separate ways. – TMZ

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