Rapper Surprises his Daughter with $100k Porsche for 16th Birthday

For most of us, when we turned 16, maybe if we were lucky, we would be fortunate ...

For most of us, when we turned 16, maybe if we were lucky, we would be fortunate enough to be gifted a car. It might not have been the best thing on the road or necessarily even something that’s desirable for most people but the fact that we had our wheels and could get rolling was more than enough for us to get beyond excited, ready to slap on a seatbelt and get going. There’s just something about this right of passage that most folks can’t wait to get to! It’s certainly proved to be quite the exciting time as a whole new door opens up to the real world that we never had before.

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On the flip side of the coin, if you just so happen to be born into the lifestyle of the rich and famous, you might not have to be rolling around in old beater, after all. In fact, you might just be gifted a car that’s more expensive than what most people ever purchase in their entire lifetime. Some onlookers might have something negative to say about this as they light up green with envy but hey, we aren’t hating! If you should so happen to be put in the situation of being able to get whatever you want for your first car, well, we think you should embrace it!

This time, we join in for the sweet 16 party as the daughter of rapper, “Boosie Badazz” as he decided to pick her up quite the first car and she would get her hands on the keys to the Porsche Panamera, a machine that retails for right around $100k. It certainly is quite a gift for this young lady but maybe Boosie should slow down just a little bit because he does have seven more kids to think about, after all. I’m not sure about you but I’m not sure if he’ll be able to keep this pace up at that rate!

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