RC builder flies a full size electric aircraft he designed and built in his garage

When it comes to crazy, there are different levels of this dynamic. There’s a ...

When it comes to crazy, there are different levels of this dynamic. There’s a kind of crazy that’s that stays up five minutes past bedtime and then there’s the kind of crazy that build an entire electric airplane and takes it into the air, trusting your creation with your life. While I do occasionally dabble in staying up past my bedtime, this time, we’re going to talk a little bit about the full-size, Incredibly sketchy machine that is designed to bring aviation to the home. This guy not only created his very own airplane but he took it in the sky to show exactly how it works.

This time, we follow along with YouTuber, PeterSripol, as he gives us a complete rundown of his craft and how it all came together. In addition, he’s adding in a few upgrades with new batteries to make sure that this thing can really fly as he has taken it up before and gotten a few feet off the ground and proceeded to get complained at by the YouTube community… Real shocker. Anyway, this time, he’s going above and beyond quite literally as he’s getting ready to take flight, really throwing this thing Into the air and hoping that it doesn’t come crashing down to haunt him.

We were definitely rooting for this guy and down in the video below, you can see exactly how the demonstration ended up going. We have to give this creator major props for bringing something like this to life on his own and then proceeding to shut up all the haters as he pushes it into the air and makes electrical airplane magic happen.  Follow along for yourself down below in this aerial insanity that has a homemade aircraft really impressing us. Be sure to tell us what you think of the concept of creating such a craft in your workshop and then taking it in the air for homemade flight.

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