RC Car Attacked By Angry Bull… He Takes No Bulls***!

If you mess with the bull, well, you may just get the horns. This time, we follow ...

If you mess with the bull, well, you may just get the horns. This time, we follow along with somebody who was playing around with the bull and decided that they would take personal injury possibility out of the equation by using a remote control car instead of his body to bat at the hornets’ nest. To make things a little bit more interesting and give us the opportunity to see what was going on from a remote vantage point, he also took the opportunity to mount a GoPro camera on the remote control car so that he could see exactly what was going on.

We were really interested in seeing exactly what would happen here. I mean, would the bull be interested in the car at all? Would the car be able to just drive around the bull without being detected? Now, as you can probably imagine, the video wouldn’t be featured here if there wasn’t some type of action that came afterward. Therefore, we get to watch an intense chase as the bull locks in on its target with a GoPro mounted on board and begins to give chase, attempting to track down the remote control vehicle and do something aggressive to it.

Follow along down in the video below as the bull gives chase to this tiny little mechanical machine, attempting to gobble it up. It actually ends up being quite the intense scene as the bull nearly chases the remote control car down. When I found myself watching it at first, I couldn’t help but cheer on the guy behind the controls of the car, hoping that it would find its way to safety. It might sound kind of lame but it’s something that you could definitely get yourself invested in. Follow along down the video below that will take you to the scene of the action to see how this one ends.

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