RC Car Monster Drift Battles Are Insane!

We love drifting. We love RC cars. Combining the two could be the coolest thing we ...

We love drifting. We love RC cars. Combining the two could be the coolest thing we have ever seen!

And these aren’t just any drifting RC’s, these guys have to be some of the best in the game. Watching them slide these little electric cars around the custom built drift course is purely awesome and really gives the drivers a chance to show off their amazing skills. Plus the cars look amazingly realistic as well, which makes the drifting look that much cooler.We can’t imagine how many hours of practice it took for these guys to refine their technique so well, but they’re truly doing some of the most precise driving we’ve ever seen, regardless of the scale of the car. They not only have to finesse the steering, but they modulate the throttle input perfectly as well, which helps maintain the drifts through turn after turn, all the way around the track.

And speaking of the track, how cool is it to see a road course style track with such drastic elevation changes built inside. You see a lot of ups and downs on outdoor dirt tracks, but usually indoor tracks are relatively flat. This one, however, features what looks to be several feet of ups and downs, which will quickly throw all but the best drivers for a loop. These guys, however, have no trouble sliding right up and down the hills, proving their skill and concentration are unmatched.

We know there are probably some of you out there right now saying “I can do that!” and we want to see it, so if you think your skills are up to the test, grab your drifty RC car and show us what you got. Who knows, if you get our attention, we just might make you the subject of our next video. And keep that camera rolling for the misfires too, we want to see the good and the bad!

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