RC Car Vs Motorcycle Drag Race Goes HORRIBLY WRONG!

RC Car Vs Motorcycle Drag Race Goes HORRIBLY WRONG!1 of 500 limited edition car ...

RC Car Vs Motorcycle Drag Race Goes HORRIBLY WRONG!

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As the uploader of this video insists, there really are no winners to be had here when a remote control car squares off with a motorcycle in a friendly drag race.

Off of the line, we would expect the bike to dominate, but that isn’t the case as it looks like it will be a good race down the stretch, that is until the R/C car loses control.

Check out the video below as the R/C slides out in front of the motorcycle and causes the rider to go flying into the air! We’re sure that the rider is happy to be able to walk away, but this race truly ended in a fail of epic proportions.

This R/C powered lawn mower is GENIUS!

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 12.06.27 AM

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