Reckless Driver was About to Get off, Talks Himself into a DUI

Now, I know that there are a lot of opinions out there on police and civilian ...

Now, I know that there are a lot of opinions out there on police and civilian interactions. That isn’t necessarily what we’re here to talk about but, what we are here to talk about is how one man went from getting incredibly lucky and talked himself straight into a hole in the most literal sense possible. I’m not sure how he managed to do it but somehow, this guy went from a police officer that was in a relatively good mood and was going to let him off all the way to the other side of the spectrum. He didn’t even skip a beat in the matter either as he pretty much just screwed himself into a bad situation. There’s no one to blame other than himself here.

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We, at Speed Society, of all people, know what it’s like to have a fast car and struggle to stay out of the throttle. For this man, he felt just that struggle and it happenedĀ to get him pulled over. When he was honest and said that he was just showing off for hisĀ friend, the officer took this truth kindly, appreciating that the driver admitted to what he did and therefore was going to let him off with a warning because I think that we can all identify with this driver’s dilemma here. Personally, I would’ve been ecstatic with that warning after doing something right in front of an officer!

However, in this one, we watch as the officer approaches the window, ready to give the man back his identification, when all of a sudden, the tone of the conversation takes a sudden turn in the opposite direction. Instead of just saying thank you and being on his way, this driver, who we then find out what’s clearly intoxicated, ends up getting angry and starting an argument with the officer for seemingly no reason. This is where he gets even luckier! You would think that, at that point, that the officer would’ve definitely given him a citation and arrested the man, however, he suggests that the driver pulled the car around the corner and walked home, giving him another break entirely.

I’ll let you watch the rest for yourself because it just keeps getting worse and worse. Some people are so situationally unaware that it physically hurts the watch. This guy got out of not only a reckless driving charge but also a potential DUI and he just kept on going, not knowing when to stop. Somebody really needs take a look in the mirror and figure out which end is up!

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