Redneck Rallycross – Racing Junk Cars for Cash

When you think back over all the cars that you’ve owned in a lifetime, some ...

When you think back over all the cars that you’ve owned in a lifetime, some people might argue that the cheapest cars, those with which you had to bring the least amount of money to the table, might’ve also been the most rewarding. If you don’t really follow what we’re saying here, well, play along for a moment. Should you find yourself behind the wheel of one of these, the best part of the experience might just be the fact that you don’t really care about it. So you spent $500 on a nice little beater and get to wheel it around town, not really caring that much if you end up with a dent in your door or sort of other small problem. In a worst-case scenario, you have to spend a couple hundred bucks on a whole new car whereas, if you spent more money on a car, these little issues would probably bring up a big deal and maybe even cost more than the cost of your beater to fix!

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This time, we show you just how fun one of those junker cars can possibly be as we get to take on a sort of destruction derby, bringing out these machines and pushing them to their limit, smashing into one another as they all go for the lead in the race, leaving it all out of the track and not really caring one way or another what happens to the machines. It’s quite the experience, as it would appear, for the driver and the fan alike as they both get treated to an experience where cars are smashing and throttling all the way down with drivers holding onto the steering wheel for dear life, plowing into one another over a variety of occasions as they carve out their paths to the finish line.

Follow along in the video down below as guys over at Urban Hillbilly Action Videos take us to the scene of the action to see the race that really proves to be an adrenaline rush of a competition. There’s just something about how these guys throw their cars through the corners and into one another with no holds barred that really makes you raise an eyebrow and keep your eyes in the right direction as you tune into exactly what’s happening here.

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