Reliant Robin Full Contact 3-Wheeled Race is Enough to Make your Head Spin

When discussing some of the most obscure cars of all time that have existed, the ...

When discussing some of the most obscure cars of all time that have existed, the Reliant Robin might be one that pops into the equation. Having three wheels, it surely is unlike pretty much anything else that has ever been on the road before and as you can imagine, a three wheeler in traffic might not exactly be the most feasible design as instability could prove to be an issue. The car’s short stint on Top Gear where it took a pretty good beating can attest to that as they pretty much couldn’t help but tip this thing over dozens of times on its way to becoming one of the biggest punchlines in the show’s history.

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This time, we check out a video that’s definitely quite a flashback, dating back to 2010 for the content within, while having aged poorly, it’s certainly something that you could find a way to appreciate. The task here is to send a bunch of Reliant Robins out onto a track, having a full contact battle to get to the finish line. In this sort of destruction derby mashed up with a race, all bets are off as these things really get pushed to their limits, bashing into one another as the drivers attempt to make it to the finish line but with this race, you really have to question if any of them are to make it through the challenge.

In the video below, you’ll be able to see the all-out skirmish for the finish line that has these drivers really hoping and praying on a lot of luck to back up their talent behind the wheel because I’m not sure that anybody could make it through a race like this without having a little bit of good luck on their side. It’s something that you, as a car fan, really need to experience and you can check it all out in the video below as this battle of the rejects unfolds right in front of us, showing us that there actually is a decent use for the Robin after all.

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