Relive One of the Scariest Crashes in Drag Racing History! 200MPH Top Fuel Harley Carnage – Larry “Spiderman” McBride

Generally, over time, when situations pass, they become a little bit less painful. ...

Generally, over time, when situations pass, they become a little bit less painful. However, something tells us that this time, in the throwback that dates back over 25 years, no matter how much time passes, this one always going to hurt just a little bit to look at as we catch a pretty wild situation unfolding right in our laps that shows off a motorcycle roaring to speeds over 200 mph when things go incredibly wrong at the big end of the track where the bike is at its fastest.

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It all went down in the year of 1992 in a little place that you might know by the name of Gainesville Speedway. Fans were in for a treat as a┬áTop Fuel Harley would roll up to the line and promise to put on a real show. It turned out that the rider by the name of Larry “Spiderman” McBride would hop on his motorcycle and rocket his way up to over 200 mph. That’s a lot of speed for just about anybody rolling upright, let alone somebody who would manage to lay their bike down.

That’s exactly what unfolded as the situation continues and Larry would appear to be attempting to slow down after the 200 mph jaunt but instead would end up gliding into the wall and before you know it, the bike is rolling, side over side in a barrel roll that probably had everybody on the premises wanting to see it come to an end and make sure that Larry was doing alright.

All of these years later, we would see that the outcome would end with the one that they call Spiderman making a full recovery. However, in the moment, that had to be a ride that he was never going to forget and probably one that also provided sheer terror. I’m sure that he didn’t wake up the next day without feeling some ill effects of that massive tumble, one that’s sure to be inked on the pages of motorcycle and drag racing history for eternity.

200 MPH Top Fuel Motorcycle Crash – Larry "Spiderman" McBride 1992

Here is a look back to one of the scariest moments in all of drag racing. In 1992 Larry "Spiderman" McBride crashed at over 200 MPH at Gainesville Raceway. Fortunately Larry McBride would make a full recovery.

Posted by on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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