Remembering the Most Epic Troll on Speed Channel’s “Pass Time” Game Show

Picture this. It’s 2010. You flip on the TV to the Speed Channel to see ...

Picture this. It’s 2010. You flip on the TV to the Speed Channel to see what’s on. You’re happy to find that one of your favorite shows is playing as “Pass Time” graces the screen. The goal is for the contestants to try and guess how fast certain cars are going to be as they make their way down the track. Even though you’re at home and you can’t win any money, you try to guess as well. Life is good and it’s simple.

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Fast forward to 2020 and Pass Time is nothing but a distant memory. In addition, the Speed Channel is dead and gone as well. Thankfully, though, we have outlets like YouTube that allow us to relive some of these moments as they are brought to our screens.

Past Time, while it didn’t last past 2013, provided lots of entertainment for many of us. The contestants were talked about in the car community as the show seemed to be enjoyed by many. There were some contestants, though, that stood out a little bit more than others. In Pass Time history, we would even go so far as saying that there was one guy who seemed to troll everybody that really set the internet on fire.

On YouTube, Randy Jackson seems to be the most viewed Pass Time contestant that has been uploaded. On various other social networks, we have seen this very video garnering lots of additional viewership as well.

So what is it about this old school television show clip that has viewers wanting to see more? Well, when the owner of this regular looking Ford Mustang rolled up to the starting line, he promised judges that the car had a big cam in it and a dry kit but really advertised it as something that wasn’t all that fast. However, as the Mustang left the line and lifted the wheels up in the air, judges immediately knew what was up.

Below, we get to relive that moment that lives on in Pass Time infamy!

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