Renault Just Dropped A Self Driving Living Room On Wheels

As we stand in 2019, the technology behind self-driving cars is a very real part of ...

As we stand in 2019, the technology behind self-driving cars is a very real part of life. In years prior, it might’ve just been a concept for something to be dreaming about. However, these days, we definitely see it being implemented in some capacity. I think it’s safe to say that we’re still far away from a perfect autonomous vehicle, though. In a vast majority of cases, a driver still has to be behind the wheel while underway. With vehicles like those from Tesla, sensors on the steering wheel make sure that the driver is actually there and somewhat alert.

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However, as we move toward the future, there probably will be more examples of self-driving vehicles that get better and better. Before we know it, driving might be a thing of the past as our vehicles deliver us to wherever we need to go on their own accord. It looks like a couple of automakers are already planning for when that time comes. One of those brands just so happens to be Renault. They’ve come out with something really innovative by the name of “EZ-Ultimo.”

The vehicle is being offered up as an entirely self-driving platform. This means that there’s not even a space available for the driver should somebody want to hop behind the wheel. The entirely electric vehicle sort of looks something like a living room on wheels that is capable of holding three passengers. From the layout of the furniture inside to the materials, this thing has lots of ques that might remind occupants of their very own home.

As for its use, Renault says that they’d like for the EZ-Ultimo to be a luxury accommodation. Essentially, they want to use it for travel to and from hotels or restaurants. It isn’t necessarily designed for an everyday commute. As of now, the vehicle remains a concept, so it can’t be purchased just yet. It does give us a look into the potential future of the auto industry, though.


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