Renter Attempts Reckless Stunt in Hellcat, Destroying the Car in the Process

We’re sure that there are lots of interesting stories to be told in the rental ...

We’re sure that there are lots of interesting stories to be told in the rental car industry. Unfortunately for those who are doing the renting, the stories come at their expense a lot of times. At the end of the day, dealing with the general public is a full-time job alone. Knowing that you’re having to trust the general public with high dollar vehicles takes things to another level.

When mixing the rental car industry with higher-end vehicles, things can go off of the rails in a hurry. At the end of the day, there is a reason why insurance exists. However, dealing with these sorts of situations is something that we are sure most of those renting out cars would rather not involve themselves in.

When it comes to the Royalty Exotic Cars┬árental car company that features plenty of Vlog videos on YouTube, it seems like they’re always involved with some sort of obscure transaction.

From time to time, their cars are stolen and not returned, then, on the other hand, we have stories like this. The phrase “Drive it like a rental” exists for a reason. It also doesn’t take an expert in the rental industry to understand that the abuse that a rental car faces isn’t necessarily going to be less just because a car is expensive. In fact, we would be so inclined to think that these more powerful cars would go through even more abuse.

This time, we check in with the likes of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat that might not have been treated in the most friendly of ways. Long story short, the person who rented this one decided that they wanted to go joyriding, trying a little bit of stunt driving out, and completely destroying the car. The machine seems salvageable. However, the damage done here certainly isn’t going to be cheap or easy to fix.

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