Rescuers Pull Boaters From Vessel as Storm Tries to Swallow it Whole

Sometimes, when you take a look at certain situations, you can see how volatile ...

Sometimes, when you take a look at certain situations, you can see how volatile mother nature can really be. With something like boating, you could be looking at a ripe day where one minute where you’re enjoying the sun and the next, catastrophe is unfolding in your lap as you’re fighting off the elements and just trying to make it out of the day with your life. It appears as if that was exactly the situation for these folks as they were spending a day on a pretty nice sized boat, when all of a sudden, the boaters would simply lose control or whatever illusion of control that they thought they had.

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In this particular scene, we watch as the boat comes close the bulkhead, leaving the passengers on board to attempt to scurry to dry land where they can put their feet down on solid ground once again, putting themselves a little bit more in control rather than leaving it at the liberty of the sea to determine what happens to them. It’s a pretty adrenaline pumping situation as we get to follow along as the rescue crew is on the scene to evacuate the boat to help these folks out in their time of need where they were pinned in quite the precarious spot.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to go to the scene to see just how hard the wind and waves end up beating on this boat. Unfortunately for the vessel itself, it wasn’t able to escape without substantial damage done by the dry ground that would absolutely tear its way up the finish of the boat. However, most importantly, the people on board appeared to all had made their way off of the vessel without being injured in any major way.

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