Rick and Chumlee Hit the Freeway in O.J. Simpson’s Infamous White Bronco, Try to Buy It

When it comes to the cars that really have made an impact on society in a big way, ...

When it comes to the cars that really have made an impact on society in a big way, there are very few that stack up in the way that the white Ford Bronco that O.J. Simpson made his escape in manages to rank on that list. Sure, the vehicle might not be known for the best reasons as O.J. is really one of the most notorious criminals in all of pop culture but the story that goes behind that Bronco really raises the value of it. I mean, how cool would it be to add something like this to your personal collection? There’s only one in the world and pretty much every adult in today’s society could say that they know of that white SUV.

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If you have ever watched the television show, Pawn Stars, you know that they get some pretty interesting things coming through those front doors but I’m not sure that there is very much that could match the intensity of this one. When O.J.’s then-agent came through the doors with that white Bronco that has been televised to many millions of people, it was a pretty good sum of money that he wanted for the truck and we can’t say that we blame him because the thing definitely has some major pop culture value.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll learn little bit more about what makes this piece so unique and drives the bid to half a million, which the owner previously turned down to keep it in his possession. He says that he’s ready to get his kids a little bit of spending money and is ready to sell the Bronco but how much does he want for it? If you follow along in the video down below, you’ll be able to see exactly that and more as the negotiation comes to a halt when he starts throwing out a number that he really wants.

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