Ride Along With the First to Take Delivery of a 2020 GT500

We would argue that perhaps, the closest feeling that one could have to a kid on ...

We would argue that perhaps, the closest feeling that one could have to a kid on Christmas, as an adult, would be getting a new car. Some new car purchases might just be a little bit more exciting than others. When someone is one of the first to take delivery of something like a Shelby GT500, it probably ranks pretty highly on that metric.

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When these new sports cars come out, most of YouTube is just dying to get their hands on one. He or she who has the jump gets to share their experience as the first with the world. This time, the first would just so happen to be Speed PhenomIn this one, we’re given the chance to ride along as he’s introduced to his new ride. The new set of wheels just so happens to be a brand new 2020 Shelby GT500.

There aren’t too many people who will get the chance to purchase a vehicle like this brand new. Therefore, a video like this sheds a little bit of light on what it’s like. It almost delivers a slice of the feeling straight through the screen. We can practically feel the excitement building as the brand new car is unveiled. This is certainly a special experience.

By following along with the video below, we’re able to take quite the journey. From seeing the car at first to driving it off of the lot, we’re in for a wild ride. The Shelby GT500 is quite the performance beast. We get the feeling that this is just the beginning of videos like these. Keep those eyes peeled because we’re sure that many more experiences and maybe even modifications are on their way to these monsters! What a time to be alive in the ferocious world of American muscle!

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