Rider Gets Hit by a Truck While Lane Splitting… Careful Out There!

It seems like one of the more dangerous ways that you can choose to get around on ...

It seems like one of the more dangerous ways that you can choose to get around on public roadways would be considering a motorcycle as a mode of transportation. While there’s definitely lots of upside that many riders see in taking two wheels to their destination, you also have to recognize that such upside comes with its fair share of risk as well. I think that most riders would agree that they wouldn’t necessarily question their judgment all that much but it’s the other drivers on the road that can make riding a motorcycle dangerous as they aren’t exactly always paying attention.

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This time, we check out such a lack of attention as it applies to one motorcycle rider who actually, believe it or not, ended up getting pretty darn lucky given the situation at hand. As a rider would continue down the road, driving in between the lanes in a practice known as “lane splitting,” a pickup truck would actually end up veering over the side of the lane and bumping into the motorcycle rider. Luckily, the rider was able to assess the incident as it was happening and stay upright, however, it had to provide quite a scare when it all fell right in this rider’s lap!

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to join in on the situation for yourself as it happens. Just imagine being forced to handle something like this on the spot. It would probably be a scenario that could really get the adrenaline flowing and potentially make a rider quite angry as his personal safety was left to hang in the balance here. A couple of inches in either direction could’ve meant that this rider was going down hard. Luckily, it didn’t turn into all of that.

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