Ridiculous S*** 240sx Owners Say

Ridiculous S*** 240sx Owners SayTake home this 750hp ddr concepts mustang, 2018 Ford ...

Ridiculous S*** 240sx Owners Say

Take home this 750hp ddr concepts mustang, 2018 Ford raptor or $50,000 in cash
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At this point, you’ve probably seen or at least heard of some of the parodies put together by Muscle vs Tuner, outlining a variety of stereotypes in the car community.

This time, he tackles what is perhaps one of the more controversial group of car owners in the community, those that choose to ride behind the wheel of the Nissan 240sx.

Take a walk around Devin Karnes’s 240 as he tells us about how this car was transformed from a street car to pure drifting machine.

Check out the video below that we think will have you rolling. What do you think of the overview of the “purpose built” drift machine?

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