Road Rage Induced Fist Fight Caught On Video

We are definitely advocates for driving safely here at Speed Society, especially when ...

We are definitely advocates for driving safely here at Speed Society, especially when it comes to not being distracted while driving by using your phone, which puts you and those around you in danger.

However, on the rare occasion you have the opportunity to catch something like this on your phone’s camera, we hope you’ll very carefully get it on video, like this driver did when he saw two vehicles driving erratically and decided to video them, just in case something crazy happened.

What did happened is nothing short of insane, as both drivers jumped out of their cars and threw down in an intense fight there in the middle of the road. We’ve seen plenty of road rage incidents devolve into the drivers exchanging blows, but this is a legitimate hand to hand combat situation at a red light in the middle of the afternoon. This is just not something you see every day.

These enraged motorists get out and square up and spend an over a minute brawling, which doesn’t sound all that long unless you’ve ever actually been in a fight before. Most fights are over in a matter of seconds, rarely making it to a full minute unless you’re talking about trained fighters or boxers. Coincidentally, an officer rolls up on the scene just as the melee draws to an end, and one of the brawlers flags him down, presumably to tell him his side of the story since it looks as if the officer had seen some of the incidents as he made his way through traffic.

We would never condone road rage, and as mentioned, we caution against using your phone while driving, but any time you do run upon a situation like this, if you can safely and carefully get your phone out and record, or ideally have a passenger record, you’re liable to catch something crazy like this!

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