Rob Dahm Removes the ENTIRE RX-7 Drivetrain So He Can Make The YouTube Race Battle In Vegas

If you have ever owned any sort of project vehicle that you have wanted to perform ...

If you have ever owned any sort of project vehicle that you have wanted to perform relatively well then you know all about the grind. What grind are we talking about? Well, there just so happens to be a never-ending cycle with these sorts of project cars where you wrench on it for a little bit until you get it running, which is immediately followed by you pushing it to the limit and breaking something or deciding that it’s not fast enough and needing to pull it apart to upgrade it. In many cases, this upgrade is shortly after followed by some other sort of issue that you have to get figured out.

Basically, what we’re saying, is that no matter what happens, you can’t really ever consider a performance project to ever really be done. Sure, it might be done for now but at some point or another, you’re probably going to find yourself wrenching on this thing and cursing at it, trying to figure out exactly why you’re doing all this in the first place. To that phenomenon, we would say that Rob Dahm can currently relate as right before he has been scheduled to be involved in a YouTube battle with several other prominent automotive YouTubers, Rob’s Mazda RX-7 managed to puke a few parts up.

Follow along in the video down below as Rob is removing his entire drivetrain in just a couple of hours so that he can be ready for this YouTube showdown in Vegas. Finding out that you have broken parts, in this situation, a transmission and more, is never fun but, it’s an endless cycle that we, as motorheads, will never be able to find a way out of. Whether it be for better or for worse, this is what we do and for now, Rob is currently stuck on the low end of the roller coaster ride of fixing things up. We’re sure that with his knowledge and ability, he will soon be back in the driver seat yet again, wheeling around at that YouTube challenge.

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