Robotic Dog Sled Team is as Cool as it is Creepy

When taking a look at all of the creations by the crew over Boston Dynamics, there is ...

When taking a look at all of the creations by the crew over Boston Dynamics, there is a lot to be impressed by. For those who aren’t too familiar with their work, much of their focus encompasses re-creating movement of living beings. It’s definitely not hard to imagine that this is a lot easier said than done. After all, such movement comes with different side effects such as balance and predicting certain terrain. With that in mind, BD certainly has many challenges to overcome. What perhaps might be even more difficult is getting these real-life movements to coordinate with one another in a group.

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This time, we watch as Boston Dynamics steps their game up yet again. Instead of just one individual robot, we watch as 10 are put together in unison. Together, they create the ultimate robotic dog sled team. The strength of these robots isn’t just being used to pull along a person, either. Instead, they manage to pull along an entire box truck. It’s quite impressive as the fleet marches along, seeming to make easy work of the truck that weighs in at thousands of pounds. After seeing what they’re able to accomplish today, it leads one to wonder how these types of robots might be integrated into our lives in the future.

When we followed along with the video below, we were able to sink our teeth into quite the impressive display. Sure, the task here might be rather straightforward but just imagine all the different uses that these things could have. The folks behind them say that they “will be available for a range of applications soon”. We’re not quite sure what that entails but we have to admit that it excites us. Let’s just hop that the robots aren’t trying to take over the world anytime soon.

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