RoboVault: World’s Most High Tech Storage For Supercars

If you are one of those fortunate enough to get your hands on an incredibly high-end ...

If you are one of those fortunate enough to get your hands on an incredibly high-end supercar and need somewhere to store it, RoboVault might just be the top tier for storage. This place is a little bit of the best of the best of just about everything that is high-quality security. If you need walls around your ride that aren’t going to give in to just about anything that this world has seen so far, this one might be something to check into.

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Designed to fend off everything from would-be criminals to the harshest of nature’s elements and the scenarios that result because of them, the storage facility literally it is a car collector’s dream. It will definitely give you that piece of mind that will allow you to get a couple of more winks of sleep every night! If you have a car that’s worth way too much for your own safe keeping, this might be a facility that you’d want to look into.

Not only does it store vehicles, but also houses art and other fine luxuries that are worth quite a pretty penny and need a steel blanket of security around them. This really seems like a place that you’d see being attacked in some sort of Hollywood spy movie! Could this be the future of auto storage?

Check out the video below that tells us all about what is called the world’s most high-tech storage for supercars. This place promises a heck of a lot, it leads us to wonder what something like this costs. From the information we’ve gathered at, a 10’x10’x9′ drive up unit goes for somewhere in the ballpark of $358 monthly. I guess that isn’t too much of a price to pay if what you’re paying to store is worth more than most houses in America!

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