“Resurrection Mustang” Rock Bottom Fuels Insane Grudge Machine

The “Resurrection Mustang” has earned its stripes for a variety of reasons. If ...

The “Resurrection Mustang” has earned its stripes for a variety of reasons. If there’s one car or story to be associated with a “resurrection,” this is it! Matt Allred found the car buried in the weeds in a condition that he describes as a “basket case.” What fun is a project if it’s not a complete disaster to start with, after all?

Before, long, though, when Matt got his hands on it, the car would eventually turn into a monster street machine before being parted out and rebuilt twice! This car was even sold once before being given back to Matt! The story has so many ups and downs that we feel obligated to ask those listening to buckle their seatbelts.

A Rocky Beginning

It starts way back when in 2013. Matt was living in California at the time when he got the call that nobody ever wants to receive. On the other end of the phone, a voice would tell him that his mother was sick. Matt did what he felt he had to do. He packed up and moved out to Alabama to do anything he could to help his mother beat her battle with cancer. No fight with cancer is easy. That didn’t stop Mama Allred from punching straight through it, though!

Matt recalls that it was a dark time, nonetheless, as he worked a job and cared for his mother all the time. With these bumps in the road of life that can sometimes seem unbearable, he would turn to drinking. Matt recalled, “I began to drink and turn to alcohol to drown the pain. I drank a lot. I would get off work and my goal was to be drunk by the time I got home.”

Sick of it all, he decided it was time to cut the drinking and find a new path. It’s not hard to imagine that. after paying bills for both himself and his mother, the bank account wasn’t so happy either. Therefore, Matt decided that he wanted to find a car that needed work to sink his time into. In Matt’s words, he was looking for the “Cheapest POS [he] could find.”

Time to Start from Scratch

The answer was a 1993 Ford Mustang. The car had no suspension, no interior, no wiring, not even brake lines.

It was perfect.

The machine would act as the ideal outlet for a man looking to just get in the garage and wrench to divert his mind from all that plagued him. Matt went so far as to tell us that the car would save his life.

Working 3 jobs, he would eventually build the shell of a car into an LSx powered stock block monster. The creation would be accompanied by 243 heads, a high ram, and an 84mm turbo. With this combination, it would go [email protected] in the eighth at Street Car Takeover in Nashville where Matt would set a class record. It was the only time that his mom had been to an event where he won.

Things are looking better now, right? Well, don’t get too excited yet.

There would come a time later in 2015 when the car would have to be parted out to help pay bills. Matt tells us that the plan was to upgrade in 2016 but it never happened. Around the same time, his mom’s cancer would go into remission and a year and a half later, Matt would meet his now-wife.

Moving past the car, he and his wife would put a downpayment on a house. Between that and a ring, Matt decided to sell the car to one Tyson Williams. Just when everything was falling into place, Matt’s mom’s cancer came back. This was when Tyson would selflessly tell Matt he needed to finish what he started. Matt’s mom needed to see him race again.

After Tyson’s buddy, Alex Sandhust, of Goon House Customs in Lead, SD painted the car, Tyson would give it back to Matt. In exchange, Matt would give Tyson 50% partner in his company, Garage Built Racing.

All Rise, Once Again

From there, we fast forward to where the car sits now. Let’s start with the power.

To kick it off, Matt says that Custom Performance Racing Engines in Gardena, CA wanted to jump on board with the rebuild. They would go on to construct a 385ci stock block setup with Frankenstein 11-degree ls3 style heads. Baker Engineering would spec the camshaft. The car was topped it off with a 417 Motorsports billet lower manifold, 2000hp intercooler, water manifold and sheet metal top for added plenum volume.

A buddy at Jardine Racing Headers would custom build a 2” primary to 2.5” turbo manifold just because of how massive the exhaust ports on the engine were. It was all fed with a Forced Inductions 88/100 turbo. Vasko Speed and Performance kicked in a couple of goodies as well.

A Circle D billet converter and billet flexplate would help the power get to the ground in conjunction with a PTC Promod Powerglide, Dynamic Drivelines driveshaft, Team Z suspension front to rear with sheet metal fab 9, 40 spline gun drilled axles, and Strange Ultra HD center section. Underneath, we find Cartel 15×12 rear wheels and RC Components 17” front wheels. A Holley EFI Dominator and Smart coils control the car’s functions. Speed Society sponsored the Holley 220lb injectors that really get the fuel flowing.

As of now, the video below shows the latest of the car that’s certainly one to watch in 2019. It seems like the Resurrection Mustang is going to take us for a wild ride this year. If this gnarly dyno session has anything to say about it, we wouldn’t want to stand in the way of Matt and the Resurrection Mustang!

Turbo lag? Never heard of her! 2” exhaust port +2” primary to 2.5 collector, 2.5” crossover, 1.30ar on a 88/100 = instant booooooost

Posted by Resurrection Motorsports on Saturday, 19 January 2019

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