Rock Bouncers Hit The Wall With Anger!

Rock Bouncer drivers are some crazy guys and gals! This bunch looks at something like ...

Rock Bouncer drivers are some crazy guys and gals! This bunch looks at something like a near vertical wall of dirt and actually sees something they think they can drive up. And with enough time and chances to find the right line, they usually end up making it happen.
That’s the case with these rock bouncers tackling a wall that looks like a vertical cliff and somehow manage to make their high-horsepower hoppers stick to it and climb straight up the face, seemingly defying physics and th law of gravity itself to make the run up the wall.

The first couple of attempts come up short, but you can tell each new driver is watching and learning from the guys before him and they work on refining the line to find the exact path to get them to the top. Finally, a few runs in and the hill is mastered, leading to a round of applause from the onlookers. From there, the action spreads out to some of the other features of the facility, including other hill climbs – these not quite as vertical – and muddy runs to play in as well.

As always, all of this action was captured by the Busted Knuckle film crew, who travel the country in search of the most intense off-road action. The compiled nearly 10 minutes of footage from the day’s activities into this video, capturing everything from the first man up the wall to some intense crashes by those who didn’t make it all the way up. There is a great selection of badass rides hitting the wall and the other hills to see who among them has the skill and power to make it to the top. The crowd is into the action and the drivers feed off of that, trying even harder to make that climb all the way. This, of course, results in even more spectacular fails for those who don’t quite reach the summit.

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