Ronnie Renner Hits The Dunes in 4K And It Is Pure Visual Pleasure

When it comes to hitting the sand dunes, wielding a dirt bike, it can be like poetry ...

When it comes to hitting the sand dunes, wielding a dirt bike, it can be like poetry in motion, doing your best to hurl that bike around in the sand, launching it off of the dunes to catch air and carving them up, slinging the surface beneath you in every which direction and having a great time in the desert. It’s funny how adding a toy like this in the equation can take a wide open space that would otherwise put you to sleep and make it the best place on earth that you could possibly be during any given time. When you throw a high-speed 4K camera into the mix, well, you have to see it to believe it.

In this one, we get the watch what is really a sight for sore eyes, providing a sort of visual pleasure as Ronnie Renner hits the dunes, slinging sand in every which direction and really carving it up in a display that is tons of fun to watch. Seeing this guy in action is nothing short of amazing as he really shows us what’s possible out there on two wheels, almost making it look easy as he throws the bike in every which direction, showing off some incredibly athletic and agile maneuvers. This certainly isn’t something that you see every day.

Follow along with the video down below to see this agility on two wheels coming to life from the dunes. All of that open space really acts as quite the playground and Ronnie Renner knows how to take full advantage of it as he gives the ups and downs provided by Mother Nature a run for their money.

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