Say Hello to the Tow Plow: A New Weapon Against Snow Covered Highways

In any industry, there are always people out there looking to build bigger and better ...

In any industry, there are always people out there looking to build bigger and better pieces of equipment to make jobs go by more smoothly or make them more affordable for the person doing them. We would venture to say that this piece of equipment does a little bit of both at the same time.

With an attachment know as the Tow Plow, plow truck drivers can now cut their time that they would have spent out on the highways plowing away that dangerous slippery snow in half. Every plow truck driver knows that when you go out to do the job, it takes hours upon hours to do it correctly.

If everything works as according to plan with this machinery, a driver would be able to not only remove snow with their regular front mounted plow but use this Tow Plow to clear the snow from a second lane of traffic as well for maximum utility.

Check out the video below that shows us how exactly Tow Plow can hop into the action and tell us what you think of this interesting addition to a plow truck. Is this an idea that you could see catching on? The only drawback that we see here is potentially blocking out multiple lanes of traffic at once when the weather is at its worst.

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