SCARY Crash, Throttle Sticks +FIRE Drag Racing

SCARY Crash, Throttle Sticks +FIRE Drag Racing* * *Get entered for this 2020 c8 ...

SCARY Crash, Throttle Sticks +FIRE Drag Racing

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While there might be some breathtaking situations in drag racing when the throttle is pounded to the ground, that isn’t even where the scariness begins.

Perhaps the scariest of situations is when the driver finds the throttle stuck open without control of the car at all, falling at the liberty of wherever the car decides to go.

That is exactly what Mike Wascaser is up against in his Pontiac Firebird when the throttle sticks open and the car heads directly for the wall.

Luckily, mike was able to recover fully from the serious burns and even get back into racing in a ’65 Chevy II, but this was one terrifying situation to say the least.

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