Scary Moment As N/T Malibu Erupts Into Flames

We’ve all seen nitrous backfires. I’ve personally seen many, on the track and even a ...

We’ve all seen nitrous backfires. I’ve personally seen many, on the track and even a couple on the street, but most of the time the damage is minimal. However, a select few are so violent that they cause major damage to the engine and sometimes even the car itself.

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This is the latter. I think you will agree.

This grudge race was going down at Middle Georgia Motorsports Park, where our good friend Justin Malcom was on hand with the JMalcom2004 channel crew catching all the action from several different angles, including on-car GoPro footage. As you will soon see, this race may have cost Justin a camera, but the footage he captured on it is well worth whatever it costs to replace his GoPro if needed.

Both of these cars are nitrous-injected and have a hard time getting on the line in their grudge race, but one of the certainly has it worse than the other by the time things are said and done.

The Malibu in the right lane coughs back through the intake, popping out bright fireball, while the black Nova in the other lane sounds as if it almost completely loses power at the same time, most likely due to a miscalculation in the nitrous tune. However, the black car recovers and roars off into the distance while the Malibu pulls over toward the wall, the flames continuing to build around the back of the hood and out the front of the scoop.

The driver’s door swings open and we see him scramble to safety just moments before it looks like the fire is fed a healthy dose of fresh fuel, causing the flames to roar up over the roof of the car, lapping at the GoPro mounted on the roof. Track staff arrive just a split second later and begin to douse the flames with powder extinguishers, knocking the flames down quickly but still struggling to put them out completely for several tense minutes.

We are glad to know the driver is okay and hopefully this team will be back up and running in no time.


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