School Bus Fight: Driver Drags Dad on Bumper After Dispute Over School Bus Route

Here’s your daily dose of WTF! A school bus driver has been sidelined while an ...

Here’s your daily dose of WTF! A school bus driver has been sidelined while an incident with a parent is investigated after video surfaced of the bus driving down the street with the parent desperately hanging onto the side view mirror. As expected, the two sides of the story vary wildly and should make for an interesting fact-finding session for the powers that be within the school district.

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The setup for the incident involves the bus not stopping where it was expected to stop, both stories share that fact. However, that’s where the similarities end. The bus driver says James Burdett chased down the bus and violently banged on the door, then grabbed the mirror in a ridiculously ill-advised attempt to stop it by hand. Burdett, however, claims he ran in front of the bus after it passed the expected stop, held out his hand and said “Just listen, I want my daughter. That’s it.” Burdett claims the driver then mashed the gas, despite his daughter’s pleas for the driver to stop from inside the bus.

While both of these recounts of the incident are likely skewed to benefit the party telling them, the truth likely lies somewhere in the middle. Chances are Burdett wasn’t quite as angry and violent as the driver claimed, while he was likely a little more vocal and upset than he himself remembers. Truthfully, both guys likely believe things really went down the way they’re telling the story, which is why human memory is such a poor witness, especially for intense situations like this one. Hopefully the incident is resolved fairly and any punishment or that is delivered is fair and just, as passions always run high when children are involved. The bus driver has a duty to the children he transports to do everything within his power to protect them, while obviously any parent who feels like his child may be in danger is going to react with a lot of emotion.

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