Producer Scott Storch, “My Living Expenses Were $1M a Month” 10+ Exotic Cars And Truck Collection

Sometimes, even more flush with cash than the acts that you see on screen or hear on ...

Sometimes, even more flush with cash than the acts that you see on screen or hear on the radio are the people behind them. While these musical artists make big-time money off of their records, people like producer, Scott Storch, have their strings tangled with the careers of many artists, producing countless hit songs. Storch has worked with more A-listers than you could probably count and, as a result, he ended up having quite the bank account to match. However, with that massive amount of money comes a great amount of responsibility and insteadĀ of being responsible, I guess that you could say that the excess got a little bit, well, excessive.

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While most people don’t even bring in $1 million in a decade, Scott admits that, at one point in time, things got so out of hand that he was spending that much every month between his mortgage, exotic cars, and all the employees that he happened to have on staff. Even Storch himself admits that it was kind of disgusting the way that he was spending the money. I mean, the guy even had someone own staff to roll his drugs 24 hours a day. If that isn’t a little bit much, I’m not really sure what is.

In the video below, Storch takes it upon himself to reflect on some of the times where things might have spiraled a little bit out of control, causing him to recklessly spend his cash and lose sight of the things that matter the most. When you explode on this level, things can tend to go in the wrong direction in a hurry. Sure, along with all that cash probably came some nice possessions but I think that Storch would be the first want to tell you that it probably wasn’t even close to being worth it.

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