Scotty G Nearly Launches Hoodscoop into Orbit at “Sweet 16”

When it comes to drag racing, we’ve seen our fair share of mishaps as lots of ...

When it comes to drag racing, we’ve seen our fair share of mishaps as lots of moving parts can sometimes manage to not all work together so well and cause something to go down that you weren’t exactly ready for. Some of these mishaps are worse than others, but none come to mind that are quite like this one as it nearly sent parts into orbit when launching off of the line at the Sweet 16 event this past weekend and something just so happened to disagree within the nitrous system.

When this insanely gorgeous nitrous powered Chevrolet Camaro by the name of “G-Unit” launches down the drag strip, his hood scoop refuses to stay put, ripping off when faced with a pretty decent sized nitrous backfire coming out from underneath, probably giving a jump to everyone within an earshot. Sometimes, things happen and this time, it looks like it was thankfully during a test pass so that no position was lost in terms of the competitive racing and the driver would probably have time to run back into the pits and break out some tools to see if they could manage to get this thing resorted.

Check out the Camaro losing parts in the video below. Looks like it’s time to go back to the drawing board to get that nitrous system in a line to make sure that the next time the car rolls up to the starting line, it makes a nice and clean pass in order to put a hurting on the opponent in the next lane over by rolling its way to victory instead of putting a hurting on itself! Otherwise, it looks like this thing would be a pretty big thrill to be able to watch make a complete pass down the strip with a vengeance.

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