Screaming 8-Second Stick Shift Corvette is Absolutely Ballistic, You’re Going to Love It 🎥

When it comes to platforms that are amongst fan favorites to build off of, the ...

When it comes to platforms that are amongst fan favorites to build off of, the Chevrolet Corvette is one that you will definitely find a lot of people swearing by. There’s just something about the setup that seems so incredibly compelling to make it go fast, especially when you consider that a lot of this car’s lineage was designed with just that goal in mind. This time, check out a Corvette that really flips the script as it takes a unique route to get to the fastest combination possible while retaining the man pedal.

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That’s right, first and foremost, one of the most notable aspects of the Horsepower Solutions powered car is that it’s not just a racing machine that somebody slapped an automatic transmission and decided that they wanted to roll with the easy way out. Instead, the car retains a stick shift which makes it even more special as it riots down a quarter mile racing surface on its way to a couple of eight-second passes. There aren’t too many other Corvettes that have been able to make their way to such impressive times with a manual transmission still in tact so you had better peel your eyes and soak up every second of this action because you’re currently witnessing a car that is one of an elite few. Come to think of it, I think that this car is in the running as one of the most impressive to retain a stick shift PERIOD.

Check out the video below as the machine is really dialed in at Street Car Takeover in Charlotte, NC and makes its way down the track in a hurry, digging deep into the 8s with the help of a violent sounding ProCharger to push it along. Rumor has it that a little bit of spray has been added to the equation and in the showing, the nitrous wasn’t even used. Now that they have this thing running like a top, it will be interesting to see exactly what happens when they up the ante just a little bit more.

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